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Welcome! Our Wild Wanderings website is a compilation of many adventures we (Mary and Glen) have taken in the last decade or so. These adventures inevitably focus on the natural world, where we are both most at home. Whether paddling through cotton grass near a floating bog in the Adirondacks or hopping rocks in an Arizona desert canyon, we are constantly taking in and appreciating all the wonder Mother Nature has to offer.


This website includes a collection of many trips, including places we've returned to several times. Some trips are months-long while others are just a day or two. This site serves as a digital scrap book that we can look back on and reminisce - as well as a resource for others who might be thinking about a paddling or backpacking trip.


Want to join us on one of our adventures? Just click on any of the links in the menu. You'll see photos and videos, and hear about our travels.


You might even be inspired to check out some of the places in person!

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