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February 14: Gila Box to Cave Creek, AZ

Today was a day of transitions, as we left Gila Box and drove north through Phoenix to Cave Creek Regional Park - leaving the solitude and quiet for the bustle of the Phoenix area. Another transition was to drive through Superior, AZ and have it sink in that our friend, Terry, doesn't live there any more. One of the highlights of visiting AZ has been our time spent with Terry, so that feels like a real loss.

We drove through a part of AZ we hadn't traversed before - the scenery was quite dramatic. The photos we took were all at 65-mph or so, so the quality might be a bit rough.

Rolling into Cave Creek, the rain was coming down. We checked out our site, shoe horned in amongst a sea of RVs, and decided to go get some eggplant parm and wait out the rain before we tried to set up the tent and plug in the car.

Later in the evening, safe and sound in the warm and dry of our tent, a big storm moved in. In the dark, we heard a voice say "hello?" and "do you want to come join us where it's dry?" We had no idea who made such a generous offer until we asked this morning and one of the neighboring RV owners said he did. We did decline because we were quite cozy, though the massive thunder storm that moved through caused Nyssa quite a bit of consternation.

We were in the exciting gold-colored part of the thunderstorm! And this morning, we woke up to a frost-covered tent.

I'd love to not spend a second night at Cave Creek amidst all the big rigs, but we will spend at least part of tomorrow shopping for groceries and gear (for Glen), so we will just be at the campsite mostly to eat, sleep and then take off in the morning, heading to Cottonwood for

five nights.

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