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January 25: Greenfield, MA to Carlisle, PA

Let me start by saying that it amazes me that we left on a two-month road trip with nary a thought about making sure our car was ready for such a journey. Our punishment for such an oversight was swift and severe. With the car completely packed and us ready to go, I proceeded to start the car in the dark and mid-20-degree morning. Instead of starting, the car emitted a series of disco flashing lights and then...nothing.

The starter battery on our all-electric car was dead as a door nail. We couldn't even use the power locks to access our emergency charger in the trunk. And, even though our storage battery was fully charged, we were completely f-d because the storage battery doesn't charge the starter battery.

After we both bumbled around for a few minutes, Glen called an auto parts store and began removing the battery while I called our neighbor, Mary, to request a ride to the store. Glen returned with the battery and popped it in. Problem solved in under an hour and a half and we were on the road! First stop: Rise Above bakery!

We wended our way south, aiming for Carlisle, PA for our first night's stop, pausing to charge a couple times on the 376 mile leg. I picture a time when charging stations are located at visitor centers and parks. Sadly, most charging stations are still only located at Walmarts and gas stations, making for less than optimal dog walking experiences while the car is charging.

We finally made it through a couple hundred miles of snow, slush and rain, arriving at Pheasant Field B&B - yes, a B&B! - for our first night.

The accommodations at Pheasant Field were even better than pictured on their website, and we settled in to our dog-friendly room with a comfy bed. Owner, Kit, made us an excellent breakfast of sautéed vegetables and scrambled eggs from her own hens, along with stewed apples and scones. We felt very pampered.

Next destination: Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA

Distance: 391 miles

Forecast overnight temp: 24


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