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March 6: Apache Junction

A pretty, warm and dry day offered itself up today, and we had a leisurely breakfast at the picnic table, followed by showers and campsite tasks.

I planned a relaxing afternoon, while Glen and Nyssa took off for a late afternoon/evening hike up Siphon Draw, a precipitously steep trail up the mountainside. Glen says the first half of the hike is enjoyable and the second half is more of a scramble, climbing up and over boulders. At the head of the draw, the trail grows even steeper - almost vertical at times, so that's where Glen and Nyssa turned around.

The approach to Siphon Draw begins relatively easily.

Siphon Draw is comprised of steep, very slick, smooth rock. With the recent rain, a little water ran down the draw.

The trail continues up through the notch to Flat Iron.

The view west from Siphon Draw looks onto Apache Junction.

Water seeps across rock surfaces in Siphon Draw.

As Glen descends Siphon Draw, the sun is setting on the day.

The moon rises over Superstion Mountains as we head to the tent for the night.

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